Brooks Banjos
Brooks Banjos

The Spartan

Spartan banjos come with either 14 or 16 shoes. These banjos are the lightest in weight of my models and can have a variety of different tones.  Maple being the fullest and deepest tone with lots of volume. Walnut is very warm sounding and as in color, a bit darker sounding than maple with plenty of volume as well. Walnut also has overtones that sound like an old banjo to me. Cherry rims sound similar to walnut, but with a subtle growl, same old banjo overtones as walnut and they can really put out a lot of volume, somewhat aggressive sounding at times. Cherry rims get deeper red in color as the years go by, when they are exposed to light. So, keep your cherry banjo out on a stand or hanging on the wall. Cherry makes the lightest weight banjo.  As with all of my banjos, I make my rims here in the shop. Choose from walnut, cherry or maple for the rim wood. Tension hoops are also made in the shop along with the 1/4" rolled brass tone rings

Basic Features

  • Choice 14 or 16 shoes
  • Handmade notched brass tension hoop
  • Handmade ¼” brass round tone ring
  • Synthetic or skin head (skin head is an extra $75)
  • No knot tail piece      
  • Geared tuners
  • Gold pearl position markers
  • Walnut or cherry neck ($75 extra charge for a walnut neck)
  • Choice of clown or paddle peghead
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • 25.5” scale length
  • Frailing scoop or 22 frets
  • Fretted or fretless
  • Double action truss rod
  • Choice of 11” or 12” 2-ply maple rim