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If you would like me to make a banjo for you there are a few ways to do so. One is using the order form and instructions for that are below. The second way to order is to find a banjo on my "New Banjos" section that you are interested in and email me an inquiry about it. I will send you a price quote on making a banjo like it. Thirdly, I usually have banjos in the works that aren't claimed or advertised, you can email a simple "Do you have any extra banjos in the works??" and I will get back to you with info on those. If you would like to keep up with what I’ve been making and get to see banjos in the works before they become available, please follow me on Instagram.

Please make sure you understand the payment and return policy terms below before filling out the Order Form. After I receive the information, I will send you an e-mail to work out the details. The current wait time on order form banjos is approximately 2-4 months. Extra banjos in the mix are usually a week or two out when I offer them up.

Due to the ever rising prices of getting bronze castings made, starting in January 2019, butterfly shoes and the L shoes are an extra charge option. Butterfly shoes are now $12.50 each and the L shoes are $10 each. The brass ball end shoes and wide base hex shoes are included with the price of any model banjo. All brass hardware is handmade in my Portland, Oregon shop.

Please check out the Banjo Features page for details on all of the options that are available.

Payment Terms

When you place your order for a banjo, I ask for a $200 deposit that is non refundable once I start your banjo.

I ask for a second $800 payment when I get started on your banjo.

The remaining balance is requested upon completion of your banjo.

I am a one-man shop, so completion times can vary.  Some specialty items may take up to a year.

Return Policy

Banjos ordered from the Order Form are custom banjos and are non returnable. Banjos purchased from me through the Banjo Hangout can be returned within 2 days of receipt (please contact me), buyer pays for return shipping plus $70 to cover BHO selling fees.


I have successfully shipped around 400 banjos without any damage throughout the globe, with and without a case. I use FedEx for domestic shipping and USPS for international. I have custom shipping boxes made and pad them with non toxic rigid foam insulation and recycled bubble wrap. I encourage customers to hold onto the box for a month after receiving your banjo and to check with any local music stores to see if they want your box before recycling it. For an international shipping quote, please email me the address. I also ship banjos for local people who need a banjo shipped for $130.

Superior hardshell "bump" cases are available for $140 and Boulder gig bags are $100. I don't sell cases on their own, and can ship banjos safely with or without a case.


Each banjo has a lifetime warranty for the original owner. The way it works is: if it’s a flaw in my craftsmanship, I pay for shipping and do the repair for free. If something happens to the banjo that isn’t caused by a mistake in craftsmanship (e.g. knocked over, sat on, run over, chewed on, flood damage, dropped out of unlatched case, airline disaster, or any number of festival mishaps), the customer pays for shipping and I will do the work free on minor repairs. On major repairs, I will give you a quote at half of my regular $50/hr shop rate once the banjo arrives to my shop.