Brooks Banjos
Brooks Banjos

Banjo Recordings

Here is a collection of recordings showing off various Brooks Banjos. If you have a recording or video of yourself playing a Brooks Banjo, let me know. I'd be happy to include it on the site. Check out the Flat Rock Stringband to hear more recordings of a Brooks Banjo in a band situation.


Down By The River

Played by Hopping Jenny at the Portland Oldtime Music Gathering in 2013, featuring Gabrielle Macrae on her 11” Spartan with a walnut neck, maple rim with 1/4” brass tone ring, and goat skin head.


Three Forks of Reedy

Played by Matt Holladay on a 12” 18 shoe all walnut Spartan with a 1/4” brass tone ring and a skin head. This was at Clifftop Jam 2019 and sounds just like a banjo should in a trio outside at night with 100% humidity in West Virginia.

Betsy Likens

Played by Dan Wood on a Spartan Fretless.

Down in the Willow Garden

Played by Sean Barth. Two finger thumb-lead style. Nylgut strings on a Brooks Spartan, tuned gDGBD.


Played by 14-year old Jack Lindberg.

Cold Frosty Morning

Played by Frank Scholle on a Brooks Spartan fretless.

Get Up in the Morning

Played by Adam Kiesling. Get Up in the Morning (also known as Jimmy Crack Corn). Double C tuning on a Brooks 30L Silverspun.

Golden Slippers

Played by Adam Kiesling. Double C tuning on a Brooks 30L Silverspun.

Boll Weevil

Played by Dan Wood. "I recorded this one with my Brooks Masten Silverspun L30. Lord what a banjer!"

Pretty Little Shoes

Played by Sean Barth. He learned this from a local fiddler John "Bish" Bishop who learned it from the late, great, Jeff Goehring who collected it from WV fiddler Ward Jarvis. Played in A modal on a Brooks Spartan.

Liquor Seller

Played by Bosco Takaki, from Roscoe Parish. Tuned aDADE on a Brooks fretless.

Ain't Gonna Rain No More

Played by Bosco Takaki. Gut strings on a Brooks fretless.

Elzick's Farewell

Played by Marc Horowitz, on a Brooks Silverspun 11" with Dobson tone ring, strung with nylon strings.

Moses Hoe the Corn

Played by John Walkenbach on a Brooks 10L (#156). Double C tuning. "I'm not much of a fretless player, but I sure am enjoying this 10L."